Marina Savashynskaya Dunbar | Solo Exhibition
Opening 5-8pm on September 13, 2019 

Exhibiting through September 29, 2019. For additional images and information about this event, please contact Miller Gallery at or 843-764-9281.

"The origin of storytelling through the use of multi-panel paintings arises from early Christian art. In antiquity and through Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance eras, the adoption of diptychs and triptychs varied from small, hinged panels to large-scale altarpieces. The earliest examples consisted of ivory panels secured in the middle, similar to a journal, for personal or devotional use. These works later expanded to become monumental altarpieces created for permanent placement in cathedrals. The paintings became freestanding displays, joined in the middle, creating alcoves which allowed for focused meditation. The prevailing importance in the use of diptychs and triptychs was the narrative experience.

ECHO is a contemporary revisiting on the age-old tradition of storytelling through a multi-panel display.  Drawing from the notion of visual connection, this show explores ideas of assemblage, repetition, union and separation. The exhibition challenges viewers to consider the correlation of grouped images to each other as well as the arrangement’s suggestion in contemporary practice. 

How does the act of creation, deconstruction and restoration aid in our experience and how does it influence our perspective?”   -Marina Savashynskaya Dunbar

Singing River

48” x 88” acrylic on canvas over panel

Movement Study in Interference Violet

22” x 28” water media on paper, framed

Movement Study in Charcoal

24” x 30” water media on paper framed


Movement Studies in Ocean Green

26” x 60”
Water media on paper, individually matted and framed in white frames

Movement Studies in Midnight Grey

12” x 12” acrylic, pastel and silver leaf on canvas over panel
$250 each


30” x 40” mixed media on panel

Movement Study in Copper and Silver 37” x 72” (framed) water media, silver leaf, pastel on paper $2700

Movement Study in Copper and Silver
37” x 72” (framed) water media, silver leaf, pastel on paper

Landless II, III, IV

24” mixed media on panel
$1475 each

Movement Study in Rose

26” x 40” water media on paper
$800 diptych