Finding a balance

At the end of June we blogged about placing contemporary art in a historic home. A lot of people responded with questions about mixing contemporary and traditional art in the same space. Personally, I think a true art lover is drawn to all things beautiful or intriguing - whether they are old or new! Here are a few tips on finding the balance. 

1. Use color as a guide.

Great artists know how to use colors together. You'll find similarities in color combinations used by artists who understand color theory, whether they were painted in the 1800s or 2017! 


Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh, 1890s

Doing My Happy Dance, 36" x 36" $3,900 by Dixie Purvis, 2016

2. Tie a space together thematically. Where have you traveled? Where have you lived? 

Your collection is comprised of what speaks to you. I've seen African art rooms, spaces filled with pieces from a lifetime of travels, and sun rooms with only florals. They all work! 

from the Hudson River School, circa 1860, Albert Bierstadt 

from The Deep Series, 12 x 12 Kate Hooray Osmond 

3. Light it properly. 

You love your art. Don't treat it as if you don't! Lighting can make a huge difference in a space, especially if you're highlighting various genres of art. Let each piece sing and your varied collection will make a lot more sense to those enjoying it with you. 

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A few hours of work can revamp your entire home and an entire lifetime of collecting! We offer consulting services up and down the East coast. Collection curation, proper lighting, framing, it's easy with a little help from someone you trust.