Dear New Collector,

Dear New Collector,

I was studying in Barcelona and trekked to the top of Park Guell for the 15th time that fall. Every hike to the tile-encrusted park was an art lesson in itself. The vibrant colors, whacky steeples, and endless people-watching always left me feeling like I had stepped into an alternate universe. 

I brought back a small painting by a strange man I'd seen "slinging" his work to vulnerable weekend tourists in the park. His patrons were enamored by those same vibrant colors and whacky steeples I had grown to know so well. It was an impulse buy; I didn't think much of it at the time. To me it wasn't "real art" because I had been studying the 'real stuff' for years.... but then I realized something.

My silly, little painting is not just a fun splash of color on my wall, it's a memory. I'm transported back to my 20 year old self, hungover from an all-nighter at a beachside club, absorbing every drop of Picasso and Miro until I head back to campus to learn about the world's greatest graffiti artists. 

The moral of the story: Just buy it. You're in a city you love? You're with someone you love? You think you may like to remember this moment? Good. That piece of art will take you there.

So, start that collection the next time something beautiful happens to you. Travel, a promotion, date-night... Your home will be filled with happy memories before you know it.